About us

In our experience, online discussions among vegans always tend to end up in three major topics: food, sex, and B12. While there are excellent ressources about vitamin B12 and far too many porn sites on the web, there can definitively never be enough vegan food blogs. So, why "Plants vs. Vegans"?

Manuel: A little while ago, we were both addicted to the "plants vs. zombies" game for the iPhone. When we thought about a title for our blog, we quickly ended up with "plants vs. vegans" - concerning food, we are as greedy as a zombie!

Eva: ...but not as brainless. We are vegans for ethical reasons. We don't want to kill other sentient beings only for our own pleasure. (Hint: Do not mention the carrot's soul, or we will have to start a game of Defensive Omnivore Bingo immediately.) So much for the boring part, but what do we do in our lives besides cooking?

Manuel: I am working in Berlin as a filmmaker and photographer. Besides working, I'm surfing the net, read books and listen to great music. If you want to know more, you can visit my (german) homepage: www.manuelstettner.de

Eva: I am a biochemist and finally living in Berin as well, after two years of Parisian madness. Besides reading, listening to music, watching movies, and playing RPG, I love working with textiles (sewing, knitting, crocheting, tablet weaving,...). I should play my celtic harp more often and do more yoga. One day I will run a marathon. Maybe.