Tasty links to the WWW

Vegan food blogs
  • BitterSweet: Tasty vegan recipes by Hannah Kaminsky.
  • Bonzai Aphrodite: Recipes and more - and the cutest veg baby ever :-)
  • Cherry Veg Zombie (french): Recipes, restaurant reviews, etc.
  • happy vegan cooking (german): Food blog of a pink furry creature named Indy.
  • have cake, will travel: Beautiful pictures of wonderful recipes. Looks so tasty that even the printouts are probably edible.
  • Laubfresser (german): Recipes and useful informations
  • My Sweet Vegan: The name says it all - tips and recipes for the sweet side of vegan food. Another blog of Hannah Kaminsky.
  • Vegan Burnout: A funny blog with inspiration what to eat and cook from your vegetables.
  • vegan cookbook critic: Lots of delicious-looking, mostly raw recipes.
  • Vegan Lunch Box: How to pack plenty of tasty plant-based food into small boxes and let it look very nice at the same time.
  • The Vegan Wirtshaus (german): A really nice vegan food blog.
  • Vegane Versuchsküche (german): Moooore recipes.
  • VeganYumYum: I am not sure if this blog is updated regularly anymore, but the two pasta sauce recipes "Hurry up Alfredo" and "Tomato Basil Cream Pesto" are definitely among our favorite dishes.
  • ZuckerHaus (german): A vegan becoming a confectioner. Sounds sugary!

Recipes, vegan products, communities
  • Happy Cow: The international site to search for vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants and shops.
  • Heavy Metal Vegan Cooking: Great videos, especially the one about making seitan.
  • Produktanfragenforum (german): Is this product vegan? A huge collection of product inquiries.
  • Rezeptefuchs (german): Tons of recipes and information about vegan products, and a forum.
  • The good heart cookbook: A beautifully made raw vegan recipe book.
  • The Post Punk Kitchen: Cooking show, recipes and a gorgeous forum, created by the authors of the Veganomicon.
  • Tierrechtskochbuch (german): A lot of great recipes.
  • veganguide: The site to search for vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants and shops especially in Germany.
  • Vegane Nährwerttabelle (german): The vegan nutrition table, and lots of information about the content of vitamins, minerals, etc. of plant-based nutrition. 
  • Veganwelt (german): A huge recipe database.
  • VG-Zone (french): The guide to vegan survival in France, especially Paris!