Sunday, January 9, 2011

The vegan girl's guide to life

At the Paris Vegan Day, I was lucky and got the very last copy of Melisser Elliott's book, The vegan girl's guide to life. I wanted to read in it over the holidays, but I had too much luggage and the book stayed behind. In the last days, I found some time to read.

When I looked at it at the PVD, I was instantly convinced that I needed this book. It really is the vegan girl's guide to everything - veganism, animal rights, cooking, where to buy what, and many more cute tips what you can do, including sewing, stitching, gardening, and other DIY tips. The book looks very cute, and the writing is entertaining and informative. Throughout the book, there are pages with interviews of vegans, bloggers, crafters, food artists. Definitely a must-have for a vegan girl! (I don't see a reason, however, why it should be restricted to girls... ok, most men don't use make-up, but apart from that...)

There are tons of tips that are, of course, useful mostly if you live in the US. But if I go there again, I will be prepared!

There was only one part that did not convince me: the chapter about nutrition, written by a guest author, who is a clinical nutritionist. For a vegan, there are not many news in this chapter, and that is ok, but in the light of a girl thinking about becoming vegan, I think it could have been written in a more, well, positive and "vegan is not unnatural" way. For example, it does not mention that B12 is synthesized by bacteria; only that we usually get it from animal products, as if the animals produced it. The text also mentions that omega-3 fatty acids are found in fish and algae, but not that they are found in such a high concentration in fish only because they eat these algae.

Today, it was time for the final test: Cooking a recipe from the book. As there is a paragraph entitled "Attention, tempeh haters!" I thought it would be a good occasion to give this weird soybean stuff a second chance. My first trial, about two years ago, was disastrous. Therefore I chose "Brussel sprouts with crispy tempeh over soft polenta". It was easy, it was quick, and it was very tasty! (I did not have "liquid smoke" (wtf?), and used a pinch of gyros seasoning instead...) Thank you, Melisser, you have successfully healed my tempeh aversion!

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