Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sign of life

Yes, we are still here, and still cooking. But somehow too lazy to blog. The man is very busy working at the moment, and the lasagna and the rhubarb crumble we made nearly two weeks ago were eaten long before we thought of taking a picture. So only a few random pictures of foooood today.

Green smoothie with salad, cucumber and banana.
Next time, definitely less cucumber...

Scrambled tofu from Vegan with a Vengeance
(I only have the iPhone App),
with tomatoes instead of champignons.

Freezer compartment thawing menu:
Seitan, peas, pasta (the latter was not in the freezer...)
I also made hemp milk for the first time, which was very tasty. I never knew what to do with the unshelled hemp seeds, but for milk, they are perfect.

Very weird is the fact that I am starting to like soy milk. Pure soy milk. Without sweetener and oil added. I never thought I could like that "beany" taste, but interestingly, taste buds adapt. Pretty cool.

Good news: finally has an iPhone app. Which definitely needs improvement, especially for the offline use, but hey, it's a good start! We will be traveling to Sweden in June, so it is perfect.

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