Sunday, February 13, 2011

The hidden powers of sauerkraut

Mac&Cheese seems to be a very famous dish in the US. I had never made it before, but I could not resist the recipe posted by Isa Chandra Moskowitz a few days ago: Click me, I am a tasty recipe! The reason was that it contained a secret ingredient: Sauerkraut! It sounded incredibly weird, but as it came from one of the vegan chefs I would trust the most, I tried it.

Seriously, this tastes fantastic! I have no idea what the sauerkraut does exactly, and how on earth one would try to use sauerkraut to obtain a cheese taste, but it works.

The only downside is that I have a huge glass of leftover sauerkraut in the fridge now, and will be eating it for the rest of the week...


  1. Sauerkraut *zuck* *zuck* Sauerkraut.

    Ahhhhhhhhhhh sie will uns alle töten!!!

    *hust* schmeckt sicherlich total wenn man Sauerkraut mag. Deswegen gibts zum urgh?? gleich noch einen yummy klick dazu ^^

  2. Kann ich verstehen, mein Experiment mit Sauerkraut ging neulich schwer in die Hose, übrig blieb ein riesen Topf Sauerkraut. Hätte ich nur gewusst, dass ich daraus Mac&Cheese machen kann...

  3. Sookie, es schmeckt echt nicht nach Sauerkraut! (Außerdem ist Sauerkraut lecker... ts!)