Saturday, April 16, 2011

Banana no. 8, 9, and 10 - and Swabian soup

My stomach protested against something last night (not bananas!), so I did not eat very much all day and am therefore lagging a bit behind with using all the bananas...

As mentioned a few days ago, I wanted to try the leftover gluten free pancakes with banana and chocolate sauce. It was ok, but it's definitely better with my usual crêpe made from wheat flour. Banana no. 8!

I love that plate!

In the evening, I tried to get my electrolyte balance back with something really salty and lots of liquid: Pancake soup! In southern Germany this is called Flädlesuppe. I used the last remaining pancake. This was actually pretty good, although I would still prefer the wheat pancake in there, it is not as stiff. Basically, you only cut a pancake in stripes and add hot vegetable stock.

To finally get some more calories into me that would stay in, I made pan-fried bananas. Oil -> pan -> sliced bananas -> turn -> cinnamon -> maple syrup. Banana no. 9 and 10!

I will keep that swedish cinnamon "kanel" glass forever!

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