Monday, August 8, 2011

Joy to the World

When I was already vegan, omni-friends gave me "Joy of Cooking" for my birthday, saying that I could veganize a lot of recipes. While this might be true, and while it tells you even how to cook on a fire and all these important things, it also tells you how to do awful stuff with animals. Detailed. Far too detailed. I was unsure whether to keep it or not - it is quite thick and heavy, but then I had the perfect idea: Veganize the whole book!

Use it to collect all the stickers from shops,

collect all the flyers from restaurants,

and, most importantly, use it to remember the events you visited and the awesome vegan people you met, asking them to write something in it over some very meaty page.

With every little bit, there is less cruelty and more love. Ha!

Cookbook shelf
I hope that this is a useful idea for your own cookbook and flyer collection!

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